The history behind Insight

At first, Jeremy and I were trying to show our boss how much we were improving as a development team. We were also trying to prove that the agile principles we started implementing really worked. While we were at it, we were looking for a way to track our build Read More

3 steps to get started with Insight

Even though we made efforts to make Insight's onboarding process as simple as possible, it is constantly improving. We are far from where we started a year ago and definitely not where we will be in a year from now. The solution we bring comes with quite a few challenges. Read More

2 ways the State flow chart helps agile teams

To build Insight we talked to quite a few project managers and CTOs during the past year. We learned a great deal about their every-day reality and the challenges they are facing every day. One of the things that kept coming back was that it's hard for them to find Read More

A commitment is not a guarantee

If your team uses Scrum as a development process, the team decides which of the next most important items it can complete by the end of the iteration. However, this "commitment" is often used to hold the team accountable for the amount of work that will be shipped by the Read More