Letter to my newly adopted customers

Hi Guys!

Jeremy and I have some great news to share with you. We have recently recruited a new CEO that is going to help us serve you better.

He has a few words for you that I know you will want to read. (2-minutes)


Dear Customers,

I am very happy to share with you the news that I have recently become the new CEO at Insight. My name is Julian Ilson and I am a tireless entrepreneur that will work very hard to earn your trust and respect. My top goal at Insight is to help my team make a product that you’ll truly love.

That journey has many possible paths. So the guidance tool that I will use to follow the best path will be to make it our primary mission to focus on the following three objectives:

  1. Show you valuable insights you didn’t already know;
  2. Help you make the right decisions with more confidence; and
  3. Make your software development process more predictable.

Building a product that satisfies all three objectives is an ambitious task, but I am confident that we will make it happen. Insight has a killer team that is not only driven and bright, but also eager to be the leader in creating the future of software development analytics.

How to Start

Some of you work with small teams, while others have dozens of developers to manage. Whatever your situation may be, we want to make your job easier and at the same time help you become better at it.

Therefore, we have begun a thoughtful process of breaking down the jobs (important tasks) we believe you need to get done.

My Request to You

In order to build the best product to help you accomplish those jobs, I would like to speak to each one of you to ensure that we are being guided by real “jobs” and not fictitious ones.

I will be reaching out to you personally over the coming days. Whether it’s night or day, I hope that you will be able to speak with me briefly about how you use Insight and how it could be more valuable to you.

If talking on the phone is not really your thing, you can also help us by filling in this 5-minute questionnaire. It may appear long, but I promise it is very quick to answer.

If you ever need to reach me, feel free to email me at julian@in-sight.io.

Thank you.