Our biggest lesson for 2014

2014 was our biggest year so far

We started charging for the service, we polished the app to a point where it looks and feels like a finished product. We also released a ton of very requested features.

Our biggest progress was related to how we run the business and our approach to customers and our market in general.

Jeremy and I are developers in our hearts and it shows. As much as this is helping with the quality of the product and the speed at which we release new features, some aspects of the business got left behind.

Being able to craft a product and assemble the right technology is a big risk for tech startups. For Jeremy and I, that was the easy part given our strong technical background.

Build it and they will come? Not really...

The hard part was to build a product that people know about, understand, use and love. This was a whole new ball game for us as we were one of those teams that thought: if we build it, they will come.

One of the things we were doing right though was that we knew we had to deeply understand our first customers (the early adopters). We worked closely with them during 2014 to craft a product that answers a critical need and this is what got us our first paying customers.

From that point on, we started polishing the app and turning it into a real product. This means improving the UI, the UX, fixing bugs, building documentation, a ticket system and so on and so forth.


This year, we plan on delivering even more transparency to the field of software development.

To accomplish this, we will reach out to the mainstream audience, release new widgets, polish the app and keep growing the documentation.

To conclude, 2014 was full of challenges and hard work, but 2015 will be an even greater year for us and we will keep on posting about our successes and failures.

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