A commitment is not a guarantee

If your team uses Scrum as a development process, the team decides which of the next most important items it can complete by the end of the iteration. However, this "commitment" is often used to hold the team accountable for the amount of work that will be shipped by the Read More

Don't assign work to developers

Directly assigning work to developers instead of letting them choose whatever they want to work on next (from the current iteration) may look like a good idea at first sight. You know that Jessy is the perfect girl to take on a story about accounting and you know she will Read More

Empower your daily standups

The daily standup meeting is a very popular ritual in Agile software development. The main reason for standing up is to avoid getting confortable. As a result, those meetings tend to be rather short (15 minutes). There is more to the standup meeting than just standing up, but doing so Read More

3 reasons why story points are better than hours

Story points are a representation of the effort required to implement a story. Point estimations mostly depend on the perceived complexity and uncertainty. A very common mistake is to try to map story points to hours. The main reason this is a mistake is that we are not good at Read More

Deliver more by starting less

The work in progress of your project is the number of stories that are being worked on at any given time. This number can vary based on how big the team is, how well the stories are defined or understood and sometimes how much external interference affects the development team. Read More