The first step to improving at anything is to start measuring

Professional swimmers are at a complete loss without a clock on the wall to help them stay on course. They don't know whether they're on pace or falling behind. They've only got their instincts to tell them how they're doing. That's pretty much the way most development teams track their Read More

Our biggest lesson for 2014

2014 was our biggest year so far We started charging for the service, we polished the app to a point where it looks and feels like a finished product. We also released a ton of very requested features. Our biggest progress was related to how we run the business and Read More

The value Pivotal Tracker brings to our startup

Being part of a startup is chaotic. Elon Musk once described it as: "eating glass while staring into the abyss". It's hard to make plans and even harder to stick by them. Startups crave structure When we started Insight, our first mistake was to not use Pivotal Tracker right away. Read More

Transparency in software development

In this first blog post, I would like to go into why we built Insight and why we think it will change the field of software development. The problem To better explain the problem, I like to use the car analogy. Imagine yourself driving with no dashboard, you would have Read More